Cryo Fat Reduction

Make your perfect


Way to reduce fat cells

1.The most effective

2.The most economical

3.The most safe

It’s a SENSible choice


The cooling energy is delivered to subcutaneous fat layer without any other damage to surrounding tissues.


Effectiveness lasts forever even after only one treatment.


Cryo fat reduction is Apoptosis treatment not Necrosis.


No Anesthesia, Non Invasive, No Side Effect

How Does It Work


Place the applicator on the target area then fat layer is sucked up inside applicator to the cooling plate.

Cooling Energy

Precisely controlled strong cooling Energy.


Only affect fat layer without Damage to other tissues.


Frozen fat cells are dead and gradually eliminated from the body by natural metabolism processes.

Reduction of Subcutaneous Fat Layer

Eliminates 25% ~ 30% fat on the treated area after 12 weeks

0 week

4 weeks

12 week

Various Treatment Areas with ONE Multi Applicator

Versatile Dual Applicators

Dual applicators treat diverse target areas and reduce treatment time

Reliable Technology

8 temperature sensors

We use 8 temperature sensors on each applicator that detect precise temperature and guarantee reliable treatment.

Safe Treatment

High Quality Gel Pad

We use a high quality gel that doesn’t freeze below - 20℃ so it protects skin and prevents frostbite from cooling energy

Easy Maintenance

Smart Liner

It prevents malfunction by gel inflow and eliminates the need to clean the hand piece tubes.

Treatment Area






Outer thighs

Outer thighs

Bra line

Bra line

Inner thighs

Inner thighs

How Does It Work


Efficacy approved by Medical Article accepted in SCI level medical journal
(Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy)

Study 1

Clinical effectiveness of 
non-invasive selective cryolipolysis

Study 2

The efficacy and safety of cold-induced lipolysis in the treatment of pseudogynecomastia

Session Cost
$250-$300 per area
$350-$450 two areas